Senior Management


Group Chief Operating Officer

“In an increasingly volatile and changing world, it’s very important for us as a Group to keep our finger on the pulse, and understand all the challenges and opportunities of our market, along with evaluating how we can continue to grow our businesses in each segment despite these challenges.”


Group Finance Director

“My focus is to contribute to sustainable growth in Abu Dhabi Group’s profitability, boosting the overall value across the conglomerate’s multiple firms, and ensuring we capitalize on business opportunities available to us in an efficient and swift manner. This entails collaborating with other business executives to provide three key elements of success: strategic planning, rigorous financial discipline, and access to growth capital.”


Group HR Director

“At a large conglomerate as Abu Dhabi Group, HR aims to add real business value as a function that has a strong voice at the leadership level, helping to drive financial and commercial success through the group’s most precious asset – our people.”